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In response to the needs of domestic industry talents, the department has the educational vision of "training professional talents with professional ethics and social responsibilities, as well as marketing, distribution and chain enterprise management that meet the needs of the industry". In order to achieve this, the department hopes to achieve the education of the department through the curriculum planning with both theory and practice, emphasizing teamwork, communication and coordination and the development of international ability; the continuous inculcation of the importance of workplace ethics and lifelong learning Vision. The department takes the following four directions as its key development features:

  1. Based on department courses as a foundation, construct knowledge structure.
  2. Integration of theory and practice.
  3. Give importance to diversified curriculum training such as workplace ethics, professional practice, information technology and foreign language applications.
  4. Emphasize importance of industry-university cooperation and strengthen the practical ability of teachers and student

The department’s character is based on developing “chain based omni channel marketing”. Through marketing management, and logistics & chain management course modules, the main axis of the curriculum is “to make good use of popular technologies, integrating into supply chain industry” in order to achieve an integration of both theory and practice.

Marketing Management Field: Starting with product, brand, pricing, channel and integrated marketing communication management courses, attaches great importance to the integration of omni-channel marketing, in order to promote Taiwanese brands to the world.

Logistics and Chain Management Field: The course covers product transportation and distribution, logistics center operation, store management and chain headquarters planning, integrating business flow, logistics, cash flow, information flow and people flow technologies to enhance the competitive advantage of chain enterprises.

In addition, the Deparment provide professional skills and specialized knowledge for students, DMLM conducts dozens of fields of marketing concepts of product, brand, price, place and promotion on one side, and practical capabilities on, business flow, logistic flow, cash flow, information flow, chain-store management, and retailing on other sides. The main courses of Marketing and Logistics Management are shown as the following diagram:


 Course Offerings